Cold Shore Guide Service

In memory of
David "Big Dave" Garner
Charter member, Old Waders Association

Big Dave

What our clients say ...

Robert G - Client

"...we catch fish by the boatload..."

"I know how some folks say he never seems to have enough shear pins, and sometimes he forgets the grill, but he always finds a way to get the job done, and he's a fair to middling fishing guide, he's probably the best guide I've used in 50 plus years, as a matter of fact he's only the 2nd guide I've used, but we catch fish by the boatload and have more fun than the law allows."

David H. Garner
& Robert V. Greer
Charleston, SC
"Old Waders Association"

" expert fisherman and boat handler."

"I have fished with Jim Fahey on many occasions for trout, small mouth bass and northern Pike. Jim knows the local waters well and is an expert fisherman and boat handler. If I could pick only one fishing guide in the Bangor area it would certainly be Jim Fahey."

Dennis Mahar
Inglis, Florida

Dennis M - Client
Donald C  M.D. (ret) - Client

"He has an infectious love of Maine woods and waters..."

"A few years ago I booked a fishing trip with Jim Fahey for some out-of-state friends. I told them they would be guided by a retired game warden. This news was met with some trepidation. I think they anticipated a character like Darcy Sneed, the fearful warden in Patrick McManus stories.

In fact they found Jim to be a kind, charismatic gentleman and it is fun to fish with him. He has an infectious love of Maine woods and waters as well as vast knowledge about both which he is happy to share with his clients. He gently gives fishing advice to the new angler as well as the experienced fly fisherman. He loves to teach.

I have shared many happy hours fishing with Jim and look forward to many more."

Donald Clough, M.D.(ret.)
Bangor, Maine

" incredible experience..."

"Fishing the Penobscot with Maine Guide, Jim Fahey, was an incredible experience. I had never fished a big river before and the Penobscot looked like the Mississippi to me at first! Jim was very skilled and knowledgeable, and quickly brought me up to speed. So much so, I was able to land a rather large small mouth bass!!

Ice fishing with Jim and his wife Shelley (both are licensed Guides), was next on the list. Shelley was amazing with her skill and enthusiasm. She was also very willing to help me play a small joke on the men!!! Our outings are filled with great fishing, good food, and a focus on safety.

I went to Maine hoping to fish, what I brought home was such a memorable experience, that I spend all year, waiting to go back so I can glean more expertise from Jim and Shelley!!!!


Jana King
Cambridge, New York

Jana K - Client
Joe Benoit M.D. - Client

"...a great fishing experience."

“I have used Jim Fahey as a fishing guide a number of times. When you hire a guide, you assume he or she knows a lot about fishing. Jim does. The thing that sets Jim apart is that he also knows a lot about hospitality, punctuality, kindness, patience and thoughtfulness. Those traits are what turns a good fishing experience into a great fishing experience. He’s one of the best. I’ll use him again.”

Joe Benoit MD
Old Town, Maine

"...a wealth of knowledge ..."

"I have had the pleasure of fishing with Jim Fahey for several years. He has never failed to put us on the target fish of our annual trip! My brother & I prefer bass fishing on the Penobscot River and look forward to it every August. Jim has the entire trip planned, outfitted and narrated with fishing tactics as well as very interesting local information. He has a wealth of knowledge and keen sense of humor!! He personalizes the trip and after so many outings with him, we now have the "Oregano Award" given out each summer at our camp!! He's awesome!!!!”

Jane Capellini
Clinton, Connecticut

Jane C. Clinton- Client
Claire Ackroyd - Client

"...Not just a great guide and canoer but also a perfect gentleman..."

"Gentleman Jim.

Is there a better test of good manners than being able to stay mum when your expertise is challenged by some foolish client? I put this to the test one lovely summer day in 2023 on the Penobscot with Jim Fahey. Planted firmly in the bow of his canoe as we approached a set of riffles, I pulled a hard right draw, an extravagant move left over from my canoe racing days and one thoroughly out of place for this occasion. Back in the stern, Jim said nothing. Little did I know!

Hours later, safe on dry ground and sharing a beer with a friend, Jim replayed the scene. His bow paddler had taken him completely by surprise with her nut-case maneuver that had damn nearly tipped him out of the boat. I came that close to dunking a Maine Guide and expert paddler – all in the service of my own hubris. Ouch.

I offer as further testament to Jim’s status as a gentleman the fact that he has allowed me back in his boat. I have promised in the future to leave all navigational decisions to him!

Not just a great guide and canoer but also a perfect gentleman."

Claire Ackroyd
Orono, ME